2016 Virginia Quarter Horse Association Point Standings

The cutoff date for any adjustment in point standings for show through June 30th of the current year will be September 1st. For shows occurring July 1st through October 31st, the cutoff date will be November 30th. After these dates the Point Secretary’s figures will be considered official and there will be no additional changes. If there are issues with the points, both the Points Secretary and the Membership Director need to be contacted via email.

Membership Director

Stephanie Cash

Points Secretary

Erin Lubeshkoff

Updated May 30, 2016


VQHA and VQHA Sanctioned shows to date for 2016:

  • Pre-Turkey Show
  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show / Dave Higgins Memorial Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • VQHA Virginia Classic Show
  • District IV Little River Circuit
  • VQHA East Coast Show Series- May 27-29
  • VQHA East Coast Show Series- July 1-3
  • NCQHA Borderbelt Horsemans Association Show
  • NCQHA Endless Summer Show
  • VQHA Virginia Bred Futurity Show

Points listed for 2015 show year include the following shows:

  • Pre-Turkey Show
  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show / Dave Higgins Memorial Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • VQHA Virginia Classic Show
  • District IV Little River Circuit


Current VQHA Points Standings as of 5/30/16- (Full Spreadsheet)

3 YO Mares (1056)May Day SirprizePurks Quarter Horses28
Aged Mares (1057)Gee AnnieHughesKyle48
Foreva In FashionLarsenJennifer44
Grand In StylePurkis Quarter Horses16
Performance Mares (1750)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie20
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer8
KR Just A SparkNicelyBrocky Allen2
3 YO Geldings (1076)Gee I JoHughesKyle103
Aged Geldings (1077)One Helluva FellaPurks Quarter Horses29
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa9
Perf Geldings (1770)Too Sleepy To SparkleHyltonCecilia68
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne29
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa28
All Age Reining (1340)Shined Up N RowdyMattoxGeorge65
KR Just A SparkNicelyBrocky Allen38
Gunner Got OutRogersJulie20
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael15
Quarta QuintanaTribleSue12
All Age Western Riding (1360)Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne14
Green Western RidingSlow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy17
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne17
Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn8
L2 Sr TrailLopin AroanGedneyChristina50
All Age Trail (1380)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie9
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina8
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne6
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela6
Green Trail (1383)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie147
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina120
Foreva In FashionLarsenJennifer68
Vital Sign VersionFormeckMartha20
Junior West Pl (1421)Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert4
Senior West Pl (1422)Rocked N RedHyltonCecilia24
Green West Pleasure (1424)Seriously Im GoodValerioMarion73
Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert3
Ranch Riding (1430)Shes Gone DarkValerioMarion161
Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn154
Shined Up N RowdyMattoxGeorge81
Bewitchin BlazeWilliamsDebra71
Shez AvailableValerioMarion36
Smart Cutter FiftyPahlLisa34
Dun Resolved It AllLanningDana32
Gunner Got OutRogersJulie30
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne25
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael14
KR Just A SparkNicelyBrocky Allen6
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen1
Shiners Spinning TopMeadowsNoel1
Junior Hunter U/S (1441)VS Red SoloDavisGillian6
Senior Hunter U/S (1442)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer72
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa65
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne8
Green HUS (1443)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa62
Raise Em GoodGouthroBeth39
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona3
L2 Working HunterPrize PatrolVignerotLisa9
All Age Working Hunter (1500)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa52
Senior Working Hunter (1502)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa6
Progressive Working Hunter (1504)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa32
All Age Hunter Hack (1510)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa51
Hottest HonorDigrassieWynne3
Senior Hunter Hack (1512)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa14
Am Perf Stallions0
Am 3 YO Mares (2056)May Day SirprizePurksJudith30
Am Aged Mares (2057)Gee AnnieHughesMarylin78
Foreva In FashionLarsenJennifer67
CU Choice SensationRansdellLaura28
Grand In StylePurksJudith18
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer9
Am Perf Mares (2750)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie41
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer11
Hottest HonorDigrassieWynne4
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay2
Am 3 YO Geldings (2076)Gee I JoHughesKyle79
Am Aged Geldings (2077)One Helluva FellaPurksJudith40
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa35
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne14
Your Rockin The BoatStockwellLauren6
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily3
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy2
Am Perf Gelding (2770)Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne50
Too Sleepy To SparkleHyltonJamie46
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne16
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa2
Amateur Showmanship (2120)Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne36
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer28
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy12
CU Choice SensationRansdellLaura7
Select Am Shwmanship (2128)Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne99
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa68
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda24
Rock These IronsSmithElizabeth15
Am Reining (2340)Rawhides RyleeFitzgeraldLeslie16
Smart Cutter FiftyPahlLisa12
Am Western Riding (2360)Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne38
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy16
Am Trail (2380)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer48
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne23
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie15
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona11
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen8
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy6
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela2
Select Am Trail (2388)Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne65
Am Horsemanship (2400)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie81
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne50
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer46
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia8
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona3
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela2
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy1
Select Am Horsemnshp (2408)Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne73
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa45
Am Western Pl (2420)Rockin N RedHyltonJamie56
Am Ranch Riding (2430)Gunner Got OutRogersJulie95
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen83
Smart Cutter FiftyPahlLisa78
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay68
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne47
Suelena ShineTribleSue18
Dun Resolved It AllLanningDana6
Am Hunter U/S (2440)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer86
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne49
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia25
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira18
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa16
Hottest HonorDigrassieWynne16
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona8
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda5
Select Am Hunter U/S (2448)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa64
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen41
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda6
Am Working Hunter (2500)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa41
Am Select Working Hunter (2508)0
Am Hunter Hack (2510)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa36
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen11
Hottest HonorDigrassieWynne2
Am Select Hunter Hack (2518)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa5
Am HS Equitation (2520)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa62
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer59
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanne39
Hottest HonorDigrassieWynne14
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy14
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda10
Select Am HS Equitation (2528)Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen51
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa31
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda7
Am Eq Over Fences (2530)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa34
Nov Am Aged GeldingsUpcoming AttractionMurphyEmily2
Nov Am Perf GeldingsRawhides RyleeFitzgeraldLeslie
Nov Am Aged MaresCU Choice SensationRansdellLeona2
Nov Am Perf MaresKR Just A SparkNicelyShay2
Nov Am Showmanship (3120)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona98
Vital Sign VersionFormeckMegan66
Rock These IronsSmithElizabeth40
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda17
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia12
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa4
Donttouchmy TootsiesDysonPamela2
Nov Am Reining (3340)Rawhides RyleeFitzgeraldLeslie16
Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert10
Smart Cutter FiftyPahlLisa6
Nov Am Trail (3380)So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie94
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona61
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela49
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy9
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen4
NA Horsemanship (3400)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona91
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela58
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia16
Nov Am West Pleasure (3420)Goodbars Daisy MaeStoherTina52
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona43
Nov Am Ranch Horse Pl (243002)Dun Resolved It AllLanningDana103
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay97
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen93
Smart Cutter FiftyPahlLisa58
Your Rockin The BoatStockwellLauren15
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia10
Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert2
Nov Am Hunter U/S (3440)Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia62
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda18
Donttouchmy TootsiesDicksonApril15
Krymsun TideRogersClaire15
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise13
CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona1
Nov Am HS Equitation (3520)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona35
Sky Blue SummerFousheeJulia28
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira25
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda14
Donttouchmy TootsiesDicksonApril12
Krymsun TideRogersClaire12
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise7
Rookie Am Showmanship (2130)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona60
Vital Sign VersionFormeckMegan30
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily6
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise6
Rookie Am WP (2690)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona12
Rookie Am Horsemanship (2410)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona18
Vital Sign VersionFormeckMegan6
Rookie Am Trail (2390)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona12
Rookie Am HSE (2694)CU Choice SensationRansdellLeona12
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise2
Youth 3 & Over Mares (4052)So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin20
Youth 3 & Over Gelding (4072)A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae16
VS Red SoloDavisGillian16
Youth Perf GeldingsAshleys Bo DocMassieCarlie44
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey37
Raise Em GoodTroutmanBailey10
Yth ShowmanshipBe Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey82
VS Red SoloDavisGillian6
13 & Under Showmnship (4127)A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae21
VS Red SoloDavisGillian4
14 to 18 Showmanship (4128)Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey31
Youth Reining (4340)Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn44
Shiners Spinning TopMeadowsNoel18
Youth Trail (4380)Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey4
Youth HorsemanshipAshleys Bo DocMassieCarlie40
VS Red SoloDavisGillian12
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin9
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae8
13 & Under Horsmnshp (4407)A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae24
VS Red SoloDavisGillian4
14 to 18 Horsemanship (4408)Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie18
13 & Under West Pl (4427)A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae19
VS Red SoloDavisGillian8
14 to 18 West Pleasure (4428)Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan8
YTH Western PleasureVS Red SoloDavisGillian24
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin7
Youth Ranch Pl (4430)Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn83
Art I NiceTroutmanBailey40
Shiners Spinning TopMeadowsNoel35
13 & Under Hunter U/S (4447)VS Red SoloDavisGillian6
14 to 18 Hunter U/S (4448)For The KeepingWishartBrenna24
Raise Em GoodTroutmanBailey15
Yth HUSFor The KeepingWishartBrenna26
VS Red SoloDavisGillian12
Rock These IronsSmithMary Katherine9
Youth All Age Equitation (4520)Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey1
13 & Under Equitation (4527)VS Red SoloDavisGillian12
14 to 18 Equitation (4528)For The KeepingWishartBrenna48
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey22
NY Aged GeldingsA Raging InvestmentKohnTrae6
NY Showmanship (5120)A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae25
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan18
VS Red SoloDavisGillian12
NY Horsemanship (5400)Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie74
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey60
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin42
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae28
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan2
NY Ranch Horse PleasureShiners Spinning TopMeadowsNoel46
Art I NiceTroutmanBailey29
Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn25
Shined Up N RowdyDebernardMadison4
NY Western Pleasure (5420)So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin35
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae22
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan22
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie21
Nov Youth Hunter U/S (5440)Rock These IronsSmithMary Katherine62
Captivating SilverJaxelJennifer3
Nov Youth HS Equitation (5520)Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey65
Nov Youth Trail (5380)So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin28
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey19
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan16
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae9
NY Reining (434002)Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn4
Rookie Yth Western Pleasure (4690)Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie18
VS Red SoloDavisGillian8
Rookie Yth Horsemanship (4410)So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin32
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie20
Rookie Yth Trail (4390)So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin24
11 & Under EquitationZippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline2
11 & Under PleasureZippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline4
11 & Under Walk TrotZippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline4