2014 Virginia Quarter Horse Association Point Standings

The cutoff date for any adjustment in point standings for show through June 30th of the current year will be September 1st. For shows occurring July 1st through October 31st, the cutoff date will be November 30th. After these dates the Point Secretary’s figures will be considered official and there will be no additional changes. If there are issues with the points, both the Points Secretary and the Membership Director need to be contacted via email.

Membership Director

Stephanie Cash

Points Secretary

Erin Lubeshkoff

Updated November 22, 2014
Points as of November 22, 2014

VQHA and VQHA Sanctioned shows to date for 2015:

  • NCQHA No Bling Show
  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • VQHA Virginia Classic Show
  • ECSHA Ranch Horse Gathering Special Event
  • ECSHA Cowboy Showcase Special Event
  • ECSHA Summer Shootout Special Event
  • NCQHA Endless Summer Show
  • ECSHA Fall Roundup Special Event
  • ECSHA Double Barrel Showdown Special Event

Points listed for 2014 show year include the following shows:

  • Martinganza
  • Spring Breakout
  • Virginia Quarter Horse Classic
  • May Culpeper Show
  • Ranch Horse Gathering Special Event
  • Cowboy Showcase Special Event
  • Summer Shootout Special Event
  • Live to Ride Show
  • Black Eyed Susan Show
  • Fall Roundup Special Event
  • Virginia Bred Futurity Show
  • Double Barrel Showdown Special Event

Final points spreadsheet 11/22/2014

2014 VQHA Points
Yearling Stallions (1031)Gee I JoHughesKyle9
2 YO Stallions (1032)0
3 YO Stallions (1033)Hot Chics Dig MeBaldwinBen19
Aged Stallions (1034)0
Perf Stallions (1730)Pepto SpadePellhamMichele2
Yearling Mares (1054)0
2 YO Mares (1055)Gee AnnieHughesKyle6
3 YO Mares (1056)0
Aged Mares (1057)Grace AmazingArnoldFlorence2
Performance Mares (1750)Marys Dressed In GrayHughesMegan29
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie16
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren11
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda8
Fiesty BlondeBaldwinBen6
Yearling Geldings (1074)0
2 YO Geldings (1075)0
3 YO Geldings (1076)The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam25
BR A Star To The MaxHughesKyle6
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele6
Aged Geldings (1077)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa28
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina15
Elope With MeMooreJamie14
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer7
Red River RangeEikeFarrel6
Suddenly SeemourArnoldFlorence6
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen5
Havana RoyalVesselyCaroline2
Perf Geldings (1770)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel28
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry26
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer21
To Sleepy To SparkleHyltonCecilia20
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey18
Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte9
The Rock n Roll CowboyParksAdam6
Working Cow HorseFiesty BlondeBaldwinBen21
Smart Little CallenaGranoJohn or Cynthia14
Chics Dig BlingPellhamCharles or Michele10
Pepto SpadePellhamCharles or Michele10
Shorty Freckle FritzGranoJohn or Cynthia2
Playlena PeppyGranoJohn2
All Age Barrels (1280)Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy20
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie12
DA MS Steady BadgerPruittPeter8
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina4
All Age Poles (1300)DA MS Steady BadgerPruittPeter24
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy12
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie8
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina4
All Age Reining (1340)Hot And CharmingTurnerEvelyn48
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael25
DA MS Steady BadgerPruittPeter19
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie9
Gunner Got OutRogersJulie9
All Age Western Riding (1360)Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer38
Green Western RidingLopin AroanGedneyChristina13
All Age Trail (1380)
Senior TrailLiving Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer51
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina15
Flashy PinkStephensBethany9
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren6
Junior TrailThe Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam4
Green Trail (1383)Lopin AroanGedneyChristina90
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley60
Flashy PinkStephensBethany24
The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam12
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy9
Shesa Red Hot RepeatGonzalesSamantha7
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMike5
Junior West Pl (1421)The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam32
Getting NoticedRedusStephanie12
Only A Sterling MoonHyltonCecilia11
Chex This Hot AmigaBargerGorman & Alice10
Gettin PrettyHyltonCecilia8
Shesa Red Hot RepeatGonzalesSamantha4
Suddenly SeemourArnoldFlorence2
Senior West Pl (1422)Red Rockin ImpulseCarterKaren98
U Know U Wanna WatchHyltonCecilia13
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie13
Invite MoonlightHyltonCecilia11
Hot Zippin LadyBargerGorman & Alice8
Regal IntentionHyltonCecilia5
Flashy PinkStephensBethany3
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina3
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa2
Green West Pleasure (1424)Red Rockin ImpulseCarterKaren117
Red River RangeEikeFarrel103
The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam52
Gettin NoticedRedusStephanie43
Only A Sterling MoonHyltonCecilia27
Good Little BrownMorrisSherri16
Getting PrettyHyltonCecilia11
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina4
Suddenly SeemourArnoldFlorence3
Trophy TimeSpeeks-StroheckerCrystal2
Stop ImaginingHairstonSuzanne2
Shesa Red Hot RepeatGonzalesSamantha2
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren1
Ranch Horse Pleasure (1430)Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael163
Fiesty BlondeBaldwinBen103
Hot Chics Dig MeBaldwinBen86
Smart Little CallenaGranoJohn or Cynthia81
Pepto SpadePellhamCharles or Michele70
Playlena PeppyGranoJohn or Cynthia62
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer61
Smartys Lil TornadoArmstrongWhitney59
Gunner Got OutRogersMorgan51
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie50
Very Well Could BeLanningDana30
Chics Dig BlingPellhamMichele26
Three Turns and RunOwenLaura20
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley19
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay17
Hancocks Quixote AceGranoJohn4
Shorty Freckle FritzGranoJohn or Cynthia3
Junior Hunter U/S (1441)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel10
Senior Hunter U/S (1442)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer86
Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte31
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey9
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa8
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshley5
Green HUS (1443)Lazy LouieFitzgeraldAllison67
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa11
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel5
Honors All MineDiGrasseWynne3
All Age Working Hunter (1500)
Junior Working Hunter (1501)Honors All MineDiGrasseWynne44
Senior Working Hunter (1502)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa20
Party Yum YumWalserJo Anne17
Green Working Hunter (1503)Honors All MineDiGrasseWynne68
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda35
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa27
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel14
DarsheismissamericaWalserJo Anne2
Progressive Working HunterHonors All MineDiGrasseWynne42
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa37
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda9
Party Yum YumWalserJo Anne9
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel6
All Age Hunter Hack (1510)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa45
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen37
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda37
Honors All MineDiGrasseWynne35
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel27
Ima Hot TicketMeadowsNoel18
Party Yum YumWalserJo Anne15
Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal4
DarsheismissamericaWalserJo Anne4
Junior Hunter Hack (1511)0
Senior Hunter Hack (1512)0
Pleasure Driving (1540)0
Jumping (1480)Party Yum YumWalserJo Anne9
Am Yrling Stallions (2031)Gee I JoHughesKyle6
Am 2 YO Stallions (2032)0
Am 3 YO Stallions (2033)0
Am Aged Stallions (2034)0
Am Stallions 2 and under (2036)0
Am Perf Stallions0
Am Yrling Mares (2054)Shes Hot Like PepperStoherTina1
Am 2 YO Mares (2055)Gee AnnieHughesKyle21
Am 3 YO Mares (2056)0
Am Aged Mares (2057)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley6
Grace AmazingArnoldFlorence2
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren2
Am Perf Mares (2750)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer36
Marys Dressed In GrayHughesMegan32
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda17
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie17
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren9
Am Yrling Geldings (2074)0
Am 2 YO Geldings (2075)0
Am 3 YO Geldings (2076)The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam39
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele8
BR A Star To The MaxHughesKyle6
Am Aged Geldings (2077)Lopin AroanGedneyChristina85
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura69
Elope With MeMooreJamie39
Red River RangeEikeFarrel31
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy27
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa26
My Sleepy BayBalsisCorrine19
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer15
Suddenly SeemourArnoldFlorence10
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen4
Havana RoyalVesselyCaroline2
Am Perf Gelding (2770)Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry27
To Sleepy To SparkleHyltonJamie18
Sonnys Crude DudeSteinerDeborah17
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer5
The Rock n Roll CowboyParksAdam4
Three Turns And RunOwenLaura2
Amateur Showmanship (2120)Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy73
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer61
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina49
Shesa Red Hot RepeatGonzalesSamantha34
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura34
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley24
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele14
Grace AmazingArnoldFlorence6
Havana RoyalVeselyCaroline4
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa3
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda3
Select Am Shwmanship (2128)My Sleepy BayBalsisCorinne63
Sonnys Crude DudeSteinerDeborah61
Am Working Cow HorseDillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert1
Am Working Cow Horse BoxingFiesty BlondeBaldwinBen21
Smart Little CallenaGranoJohn17
Playlena PeppyGranoJohn10
Hancocks Quixote AceGranoJohn4
Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert3
Shorty Freckle FritzGranoCynthia2
Am Barrels (2280)Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy16
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie12
DA MS Steady BadgerDrew-PruittKristy8
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina4
Am Poles (2300)DA MS Steady BadgerPruittPeter24
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy12
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie8
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina4
Am Reining (2340)DA MS Steady BadgerPruittPeter52
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer32
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy29
Fiesty BlondeBaldwinBen7
Playlena PeppyGranoJohn6
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie2
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen2
Am Western Riding (2360)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer58
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer57
My Sleepy BayBalsisCorinne10
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina5
Am Select West Riding (2368)0
Am Trail (2380)Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer79
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer76
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren49
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley35
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina25
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy14
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura7
Select Am Trail (2388)My Sleepy BayBalsisCorinne86
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren11
Am Horsemanship (2400)Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer93
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer78
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina73
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura42
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie32
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa26
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy21
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley18
Select Am Horsemnshp (2408)My Sleepy BayBalsisCorinne58
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren27
Am Western Pl (2420)Gettin NoticedRedusStephanie61
So Good To Be HotTozerSteffanie22
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina18
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura9
Getting PrettyHyltonJamie9
Red Rockin ImpulseCarterKaren9
The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam6
Regal IntentionHyltonJamie5
Trophy TimeSpeeks-StroheckerCrystal4
Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer2
Select Western Pl (2428)Chex This Hot AmigaBargerGorman61
Red Rockin ImpulseCarterKaren40
Final AttributeRogowskiSue2
A Raging InvestmentTichenorKevin2
Am Ranch Horse Pl (2430)Fiesty BlondeBaldwinBen142
Three Turns And RunOwenLaura84
Living Proof By ChipLarsenJennifer82
Lil PicanicTozerSteffanie78
Hot Chics Dig MeBaldwinBen69
Sonnys Crude DudeSteinerDeborah65
Smart Little CallenaGranoJohn61
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley50
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen40
Very Well Could BeLanningDana37
Playlena PeppyGranoJohn33
Watch Zans ShadowArmstrongTina16
Shorty Freckle FritzGranoCynthia9
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele7
Hancocks Quioxte AceGranoJohn5
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay2
Dillons Gun SmokeYeatmanRobert2
Am Hunter U/S (2440)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer155
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa30
Get A Clue ZipGonzalesSamantha9
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshley7
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy7
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda6
Krymsun HighSanstromLaura5
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry1
Select Am Hunter U/S (2448)My Sleepy BayBalsisCorrine51
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen49
Sonnys Crude DudeSteinerDeborah17
Bold Silent StriderBrownLinda10
Am Working Hunter (2500)ItsaboutthedetailsWolaverDebbie10
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa9
Am Select Working HunterAwesome Dark SkyPolandHelen3
Am Hunter Hack (2510)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa17
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen17
Am Select Hunter Hack (2518)0
Am HS Equitation (2520)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer112
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa44
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy31
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley18
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura8
Am Jumping (2480)0
Select Am HS Equitation (2528)Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen44
My Sleepy BayBalsisCorrine43
Sonnys Crude DudeSteinerDeborah22
Bold Silent StriderBrownLinda4
Am Eq Over Fences (2530)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa16
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen3
Select Am Eq Over Fences (2538)0
Am Driving (2540)0
Nov Am Showmanship (3120)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer164
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura132
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina84
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley81
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda41
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele17
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry11
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa9
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay9
Havana RoyalVeselyCaroline6
Nov Am Reining (3340)Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen6
Nov Am Western RidingSkys Code BlueMorrowJennifer12
Nov Am Trail (3380)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer107
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley77
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren65
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina63
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura43
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy39
NA Horsemanship (3400)Skys Code BlueMorrowJennifer150
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura128
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina92
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley62
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy50
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren40
Regal IntentionHyltonJamie34
Nov Am West Pleasure (3420)Red River RangeEikeFarrel148
Red Rockin ImpulseCarterKaren139
The Rocknroll CowboyParksAdam74
Regal IntentionHyltonJamie50
A Raging InvestmentTichenorKevin46
Lopin AroanGedneyChristina32
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura31
Good Little BrownMorrisSherri22
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren22
U Know U Wanna WatchHyltonJamie15
Final AttributeRogowskiSue11
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley10
Rednecks StarliteBaldwinKaren6
Shesa Red Hot RepeatGonzalesSamantha4
Suddenly SeemourArnoldFlorence4
Nov Am Ranch Horse Pl (243002)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley31
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen18
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele11
Three Turns And RunOwenLaura3
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay2
Nov Am Hunter U/S (3440)Lazy LouieFitzgeraldAllison116
Krymsun HighSandstromLaura49
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda24
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley24
Get A Clue ZipGonzalesSamantha11
Elope With MeMooreJamie2
Nov Am Working HunterAwesome Dark SkyPolandHelen3
Nov Am Hunter Hack (3510)Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal8
Nov Am HS Equitation (3520)Krymsun HighSandstromLaura100
Slow And AutomaticDrew-PruittKristy49
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley32
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda17
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry1
Nov Am Eq o/Fences (3530)Prize PatrolVignerotLisa14
Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal2
Rookie Am Showmanship (2130)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley41
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele26
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay18
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry11
Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal7
Rookie Am WP (2690)ZipposhandsomedevilOwenLaura4
Rookie Am Ranch Horse Pl (243001)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley18
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColleen16
Dun It Hollywood BlueStreetmanMichele4
Lawbreakin BlueNicelyShay2
Rookie Am Horsemanship (2410)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley44
Itsa Good InvestmentCarterKaren19
Regal IntentionHyltonJamie14
Shake Your Bun BunBrown-NicelyRhonda2
Rookie Am Trail (2390)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley14
Rookie Am HUS (2450)ZipposhandsomedevilOwenLaura30
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley29
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry20
Bold Silent StriderBrownLinda9
Elope With MeMooreJamie6
Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal4
Rookie Am HSE (2694)Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley23
Bold Silent StriderBrownLinda13
Dynamic PotentialBrendelKerry5
Zip Away With My ArtHouchinAbigal2
Youth 2 & Under Mares (4051)0
Youth 3 & Over Mares (4052)Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin10
Youth Perf Mares0
Youth 2 & Under Gelding (4071)0
Youth 3 & Over Gelding (4072)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel20
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina6
Youth Perf GeldingsBMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel26
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey19
Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte7
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily4
13 & Under Showmnship (4127)Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin23
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan15
14 to 18 Showmanship (4128)CoosamotionRingerColby47
Huntin Hot BlazesLoveMattison32
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey20
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily5
Youth Working Cow HorseSnackwellMcFarlandTaryn1
Youth Barrels (4280)0
Youth Poles (4300)0
Youth Reining (4340)Hot And CharmingTurnerEmily6
Youth Western Riding (4360)0
Youth Trail (4380)CoosamotionRingerColby44
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin10
Youth Trail 13 & Under (4387)0
Youth Trail 14 to 18 (4388)0
13 & Under Horsmnshp (4407)Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin21
Exclusive VandalPerkinsonSidney4
14 to 18 Horsemanship (4408)CoosamotionRingerColby66
Huntin Hot BlazesLoveMattison32
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina26
Vintage HeadlinesFeltsSamantha4
13 & Under West Pl (4427)Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan27
Exclusive VandalPerkinsonSidney18
Chexs N CookiesHashDakota10
14 to 18 West Pleasure (4428)Mac Of All TradesHenriksenAnika68
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina31
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily22
Huntin Hot BlazesLoveMattison16
Vintage HeadlinesFeltsSamantha7
Flashy PinkStephensBethany7
Youth Ranch Pl (4430)SnackwellMcFarlandTaryn14
13 & Under Hunter U/S (4447)Exclusive VandalPerkinsonSidney11
14 to 18 Hunter U/S (4448)Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte80
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel27
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey16
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina10
Youth Hunter Hack (4510)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel18
Ima Hot TicketMeadowsNoel8
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina6
Youth All Age Equitation (4520)0
13 & Under Equitation (4527)Exclusive VandalPerkinsonSidney14
14 to 18 Equitation (4528)Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte125
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina43
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey14
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel12
Youth Eq Over Fences (4530)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel16
Party Yum YumMeadowsNoel3
Youth Working Hunter (4500)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel12
Party Yum YumMeadowsNoel3
NY Showmanship (5120)CoosamotionRingerColby93
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey50
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin37
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily29
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan1
NY Horsemanship (5400)CoosamotionRingerColby73
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina50
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin21
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily16
Vintage HeadlinesFeltsSamantha9
NY Western Pleasure (5420)CoosamotionRingerColby56
Chexs N CookiesHashDakota47
Huntin Hot BlazesLoveMattison35
Miss Potential ChipColeMorgan32
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina30
HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily24
Vintage HeadlinesFeltsSamantha23
Flashy PinkStephensBethany22
Nov Youth Hunter U/S (5440)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel38
Ima Hot TicketMeadowsNoel25
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina18
Exclusive VandalPerkinsonSidney9
Nov Youth HS Equitation (5520)Art I DetailedHerefordCharlotte119
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina62
BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel17
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey8
Nov Youth Trail (5380)CoosamotionRingerColby62
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsAustin24
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina6
Nov Youth Hunter Hack (5510)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel7
Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina2
NY Working Hunter (5500)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel4
NY Eq Over Fences (5530)BMQ Ride The StrideMeadowsNoel6
NY Reining (434002)Hot And CharmingTurnerEmily4
Rookie Youth Showmanship (4130)HQH Enough AlreadyGlazebrookEmily10
Rookie Yth Western Pleasure (4690)Flashy PinkStephensBethany11
Rookie Yth Reining (434001)Hot And CharmingTurnerEmily4
Rookie Yth Horsemanship (4410)Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina6
Rookie Yth Trail (4390)0
Rookie Yth HUS (4450)Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina9
Rookie Yth HSE (4694)Chase The LimitWilliamsKatrina18
Small Fry Horsemanship0
11 & Under Horsemanship0
11 & Under Showmanship0
11 & Under Pleasure0
11 & Under Trail0
Small Fry Trail0
Small Fry HUS0
Small Fry HSE0