Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Amateurs are preparing a taste-tempting custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our members. These cookbooks will be professionally published and contain special pages of interest, a table of contents, an index, helpful cooking hints, and recipe category dividers. It is sure to be treasured for years to come.

The proceeds from the cookbook will go to the Amateurs to help fund the 11 and Under Year End Awards and third and fourth place awards for Amateurs and Novice Amateurs.

Please submit a minimum of three of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our group’s cookbook. Follow the instructions below. Your name will be printed with each of your recipes. Your help in contributing recipes will ensure that our cookbook will be a big success.

Please submit your recipes to the committee by March 1 so we can meet our deadline. Thank you!

There are two ways to submit recipes:

The preferred way is to login at The Group Login is VAQHA and the password is carrot034.

You can also email them to Christina at Ensure to include the following if you email the recipe:

Contributor Name(s):
Recipe Title:
Recipe Subtitle (optional):
Category Selection (see above):
Recipe Ingredients(see abbreviations below)

Recipe Instructions:
-List all ingredients in order of use in ingredients list and directions.
-Include container sizes, e.g., 16-oz pkg, 24-oz can.
-Keep direction in paragraph form – not in steps.
-Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g., “Combine flour and sugar.” DO NOT use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”
-Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
-Be consistent with the spelling of your name for each recipe you contribute.
-Your recipes should fit into the following categories:

  • Appetizers & Beverages
  • Soups & Salads
  • Side Dishes
  • Main Dishes
  • Desserts & Specialty
  • Crockpot
  • Quick & Easy
  • Best Friend Treats
  • Standard Cookbook Abbreviations
  • Commonly used abbreviations for ingredient section.
  • c.     cup(s)
  • tsp.     teaspoon(s)
  • T.     tablespoon(s)
  • lb.     pound
  • lbs.     pounds
  • oz.     ounce(s)
  • sm.     small
  • med.     medium
  • lg.     large
  • approx.     approximately
  • pkg.     package
  • pkgs.     packages
  • pt.     pint(s)
  • qt.     quart(s)
  • gal.     gallon(s)
  • env.     envelope
  • ctn.     container(s) / carton(s)
  • opt.     optional
  • g.     gram(s)
  • mg     milligram(s)
  • ml.     milliliter(s)
  • pkt.     packet
  • No. 2     number 2 can
  • doz.     dozen
  • L.     liter(s)
  • reg.     regular