Open VQHA Board Positions

May 26, 2021

Please see below the officer positions that are currently open.  We also have some director positions that will be open this year. If your not sure what region your located in you can pull up the map on the VQHA website.  If you are a current director and still interested in continuing in your position or if you are interested in one of the open positions please email Laura Boardwine at by Tuesday, June 1, 2021. 

Steve Meadows

Executive Vice President
Connie Christopher

Vice President


Laura Boardwine

Director at Large
David Lamb

Director at Large
Samantha Groves

Director at Large
Clarence Green

Mike Jennings

Director at Large
George Harocopos

Director at Large
Loretta Tozer

Recreational Adviser
Cathette Plumer

Virginia Bred
Sandy Green

Youth Director
Kyle & Amanda Hughes
Beth Gouthro 

Amateur Director
Crystal Speeks

AQHA Director
Steve Meadows

AQHA Director
Mike Jennings

Membership Director:
Cory Balsis

Honorary Director
David Lamb

Honorary Director
Bob Purks

VQHA Regional Directors:

Northern Region
Kevin Babcock

Greater Richmond Area
Kristy Drew

South Central Region
Charlie Rogers

Central Region
Judy Purks

South Western Region
Kyle Hughes, II

Shenandoah Region
Becky Meadows

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