2018 Virginia Quarter Horse Association Point Standings

The cutoff date for any adjustment in point standings for show through June 30th of the current year will be September 1st. For shows occurring July 1st through October 31st, the cutoff date will be November 30th. After these dates the Point Secretary’s figures will be considered official and there will be no additional changes. If there are issues with the points, both the Points Secretary and the Membership Director need to be contacted via email.

Membership Director

Cory Balsis

Points Secretary

Pamela Dyson


VQHA and VQHA Sanctioned shows to date for 2018:

  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show / Dave Higgins Memorial Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • NCQHA Endless Summer Show
  • VQHA End of Summer Showdown
  • Pre-Turkey Show


Updated June 19, 2018

VQHA Points Standings as of April 22, 2018 – (Full Spreadsheet)


ClassHorseExhibitor Last
Exhibitor First
Owner Last NameOwner First NameTotal 
Aged Mares
May Day SirprizePurksJudithPurks Quarter Horses26
Shez Telling MeHughesKyleHughesKyle26
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisasVignerotLisa2
Performance Mares
BMQ I BelieveMeadowsBeckyPettitBrandi50
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisasVignerotLisa8
Open Performance Geldings
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth32
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison14
Aged Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian22
Major FellusiveTottenKevinTottenKevin8
One Helluva FellaPurksJudithPurks Quarter Horses6
All Age Reining
Dunnit Double TimeMeadowsSteveTribleSue22
Chex Are CashinGouthroMaattLanningDana20
KR Rufin ItMeadowsSteveDeBernardMadison12
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteveNicelyShay7
All Age Trail
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshleyNobleAshley34
So Good To Be HotTozerStephanieTozerStephanie30
Senior Trail Level 3
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela3
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne2
Green Trail
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne16
Junior Western Pleasure
UCan't Hide RedneckWatsonBrittneyNelsonLeigh Anne4
Senior Western Pleasure
Choc Out My LopeGouthroMattColeMorgan38
The SupernaturalGouthroBethTroutmanBailey16
Ranch Riding
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana50
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa44
Dunnit Double TimeMeadowsSteveTribleSue16
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteveNicelyShay10
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshleyNobleAshley10
KR Rufin ItMeadowsSteveDeBernardMadison6
Playin In The CreekMeadowsBeckyKindlJim & Vicki4
Junior Ranch Riding
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteveKowalewskiLisa26
A Busy JokerMeadowsSteveHerbertCatherine21
Pretty Lil SiouxMeadowsSteveMeadowsNoel7
Senior Ranch Riding L3
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana38
KR Rufin ItMeadowsSteveDeBernardMadison15
Shining Hot SparkleGouthroMattTroutmanScott13
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteveNicelyShay4
Green Ranch Riding
Playin In The CreekMeadowsSteveKindlJim & Vicki89
Pretty Lil SiouxMeadowsSteve/BeckyMeadowsNoel46
Dunnit Double TimeMeadowsSteveTribleSue44
Heeza Easy SoulMeadowsSteveBuchananKayleigh42
Shining Hot SparkleGouthroMattTroutmanScott20
CS Rigley Peppy JacSpitzerJudySpitzerJudy16
Junior Hunter U/S
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa35
Senior Hunter U/S
Repeated DreamsKubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie2
Green Hunter U/S
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa44
BMQ I BelieveMeadowsBeckyPettitBrandi12
Barrell Racing
Shiners SurpriseRogersJulieRogersJulie25
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela15
Pole Bending
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela6
Am Aged Mares
May Day SirprizePurksJudithPurks Quarter Horses31
Am Performance Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitBrandonPettitBrandi52
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa10
Am Perf Halter Geldings
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth7
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanneLougeeSuzanne3
Am Aged Geldings
One Helluva FellaPurksJudithPurks Quarter Horses20
Major FellusiveTottenKevinTottenKevin8
Amateur Showmanship
My Dots HotMassieCarlieMassieCarlie12
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmilyMurphyEmily2
Select Am Showmanship
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth48
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLindaBrownLinda26
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa10
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne6
Am Reining
In Wimpys StepsTribleSusTribleSue16
Am Western Riding
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne6
Am Trail
So Good To Be HotTozerStephanieTozerStephanie56
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshleyNobleAshley28
Am Trail Level 2
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanneLougeeSuzanne11
Select Am Trail Level 2
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne12
Am Horsemanship
So Good To Be HotTozerStephanieTozerStephanie46
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshleyNobleAshley20
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanneLougeeSuzanne15
Select Am Horsemanship
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneBalsisCorinne11
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth2
Am Western Pleasure
Dont Stop The LiteHyltonJamieHylton Quarter Horses57
Ucan't Hide RedneckWatsonBrittanyNelsonLeigh Anne16
Select Western Pleasure
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa12
Am Ranch Riding
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa48
Gimme Samoa CookiesNobleAshleyNobleAshley42
Shiners SurpriseRogersJulieRogersJulie39
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana37
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay23
A Busy JokerHerbertCatherineHerbertCatherine3
Am Barrel Racing
Shiners SurpriseRogerJulieRogersJulie25
Am Hunter U/S
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa38
Hot N Lazy DivaHarocoposTeresaHarocoposTeresa36
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie8
Skys Code BlueMorrowJenniferMorrowJennifer6
Select Am Hunter U/S
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa21
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth15
Hot N Lazy DivaHarocoposTeresaHarocoposTeresa6
Am HS Equitation
Sure Ima DreamerVignerotLisaVignerotLisa32
Skys Code BlueMorrowJenniferMorrowJennifer24
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie23
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanneLougeeSuzanne3
Nov Am Showmanship
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth61
My Dots HotMassieCarlieMassieCarlie12
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLindaBrownLinda12
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela9
Rookie Am Showmanship
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmilyMurphyEmily12
Nov Am Reining
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay21
In Wimpys StepsTribleSusTribleSue14
Nov Am Trail
Virtuously VestedLougeeSuzanneLougeeSuzanne30
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela14
Rookie Am Horsemanship
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmilyMurphyEmily10
Nov Am Horsemanship
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth43
My Dots HotMassieCarlieMassieCarlie22
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmilyMurphyEmily22
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela14
Rookie Am Pleasure
UCan't Hide RedneckWatsonBrittneyNelsonLeigh Anne16
Nov Am Western Pleasure
UCan't Hide RedneckWatsonBrittneyNelsonLeigh Anne52
My Dots HotMassieCarlieMassieCarlie1
Nov Am Ranch Riding
CS Rigley Peppy JacSpitzerJudySpitzerJudy26
A Busy JokerHerbertCatherineHerbertCatherine18
That Cats SmartPolandArthurPolandArthur17
Its Your FinalNoticeStoherMichael DStoherMichael D17
Rookie Am Hunter U/S
BMQ I BelievePetittBrandiPetittBrandi30
Nov Am Hunter U/S
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth28
BMQ I BelievePetittBrandiPetittBrandi24
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth21
Nov Am HS Equitation
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie35
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth34
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise10
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela3
Nov Am Hunter Hack
14 to 18 Aged Mares
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela7
14 to 18 Performance Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi18
Choc Out My LopeColeMorganColeMorgan17
Youth Performance Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi12
Youth Performance Halter Gelding
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBaileyScott19
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison16
14 to 18 Aged Geldings
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey17
Youth Aged Geldings
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara16
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian14
14 to 18 Showmanship
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara35
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela21
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian16
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey12
14 to 18 Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian8
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara2
14 to 18 Western Pleasure
Choc Out My LopeColeMorganColeMorgan27
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara27
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian12
14 to 18 Ranch Riding
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison13
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutmanBailey11
Youth Ranch Riding
Playin In The CreekBuchananEmilyKindlJim & Vicki18
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison16
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutmanBailey14
14 to 18 Hunter U/S
Al Have This DanceTroutmanBaileyScott Troutman Family22
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela15
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey9
Youth Hunter U/S
Al Have This DanceTroutmanBaileyScott Troutman Family32
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian16
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPetitBrandi14
14 to 18 Equitation
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela24
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian6
YouthHunt Seat Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian2
Youth Barrel Racing
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela5
Youth Pole Bending
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela5
Rookie Youth Showmanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian22
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraiKohnArthur & Mara18
Nov Youth Showmanship
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey36
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraiKohnArthur & Mara31
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian22
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela17
Rookie Youth Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian18
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraiKohnArthur & Mara10
Nov Youth Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian26
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraiKohnArthur & Mara18
Nov Youth Ranch Riding
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison41
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutmanFamily30
Playin In The CreekTroutmanBaileyKindleJim & Vicki25
Nov Youth Reining
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadisonDeBernardMadison6
Rookie Youth Western Pleasure
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara8
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian8
Nov Youth Western Pleasure
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara49
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian12
Nov Youth Pole Bending
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela5
Rookie Youth HUS
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi34
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian16
Nov Youth Hunter U/S (5440)
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi58
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey24
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian16
Rookie Youth Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian24
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi16
Nov Youth Equitation
DontTouchMy TootsiesPackardTrinityDysonPamela26
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian24
No Doubt Ima DreamerGardinerKelseyGardinerKelsey23
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi16
Nov Youth Trail (5380)
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara2