2019 Virginia Quarter Horse Association Point Standings

The cutoff date for any adjustment in point standings for show through June 30th of the current year will be September 1st. For shows occurring July 1st through October 31st, the cutoff date will be November 30th. After these dates the Point Secretary’s figures will be considered official and there will be no additional changes. If there are issues with the points, both the Points Secretary and the Membership Director need to be contacted via email.

Membership Director

Cory Balsis

Points Secretary

Pamela Dyson

Show and Contest Rules

VQHA Sanctioned shows to date for 2019:

  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show / Dave Higgins Memorial Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • SMQHA Suntan Circuit
  • District V Endless Summer Show
  • VQHA End of Summer Showdown
  • Pre-Turkey Show

Updated October 18, 2019

2019 VQHA Points Standings – (Full Spreadsheet)

2019 VQHA All-Around Points as of September 2019 – (PDF File)

VQHA Points as of: 10/14/19        
ClassHorseExhibitor Last
Exhibitor First
Owner Last NameOwner First NameTotal
2 YR Old Stallions
KH Gee WizHughesKyle GlennHughesKyle4
Performance Mares
BMQ I BelieveMeadowsStevePettitBrandi8
Yearling Mares
Smart Flashy DiamondBordeauxIsiahVossJean9
Aged Mares
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey8
Yearling Geldings
Smooth Move McFlyMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn22
Aged Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian65
Gee I JoHughesKyle GlennHughesKyle17
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence12
Havana RoyalVeselyCarolineVeselyCaroline11
Performance Halter Geldings
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn23
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence14
Senior Trail
Lopin AroanChristopherConnieGedneyChristina10
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela8
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara8
Green Reining
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana10
Senior Reining
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana6
Green West Pleasure
Whisper To Me CowboyGrovesAndrewArnoldFlorence34
Nothing But LazyVan HookDrewHerrMelissa30
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara27
Invited By A MachineGrovesAndrewKohnArthur & Mara10
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian2
Illusion of KrymsunGonzalesSamanthaMightEric2
Junior Western Pleasure
Nothing But LazyVan HookDrewHerrMelissa12
Whisper To Me CowboyKohnTraeArnoldFlorence9
Invited By A MachineGrovesAndrewKohnArthur & Mara4
Senior Western Pleasure
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara24
Green Ranch Riding
A Busy JokerMeadowsSteveHerbertCatherine43
Zippos Mr GoodRogersCharlieSpeeksGerald28
Cash For ParrNewsomeRalphNewsomeRalph23
BOH High Cal AdaJenningsStephanieJenningsStephanie13
KR Tequila RoseJenningsMichaelJenningsMichael11
Heeza Easy SoulEnglishColeenEnglishColeen10
That Cats SmartPolandArthurPolandArthur1
Senior Ranch Riding
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana128
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa97
Wimpys Major AffairMeadowsSteveRed River Western Wear80
Playin In The CreekMeadowsBeckyMcDuffVicki45
Shining Hot SparkleGouthroMattTroutman Family25
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen25
A Busy JokerMeadowsSteve/BeckyHerbertCatherine24
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteveNicelyShay18
BQH High Cal AdaJenningsStephanieJenningsStephanie16
Shiners SurpriseRogersCharlesRogersJulie14
Just Smile and WaveTalleyScottTribleSue10
KR Tequila RoseJenningsMichaelJenningsMichael5
Green Hunter U/S
Hubba Hubba DancinChristopher/MorrowConnie/JenniferMorrowJennifer46
Hot N Lazy DivaHarocoposTeresaHarocoposTeresa21
Senior Hunter U/S
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie44
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian13
Al Have This DanceGouthroBethTroutman Family12
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise4
Senior Working Hunter0
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn9
Barrell Racing
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian10
Pole Bending
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian6
VRH Ranch Conformation
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa59
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana18
BOH High Cal AdaJenningsStephanieJenningsStephanie16
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay7
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen6
Just Smile and WaveTalleyScottTribleSue2
KR Tequila RoseJenningsMichaelJenningsMichael1
VRH Ranch Riding
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteveKowalewskiLisa47
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana45
Just Smile and WaveTalleyScottTribleSue17
BOH High Cal AdaJenningsStephanieJenningsStephanie17
Shining Hot SparkleGouthroMattTroutman Family17
VRH Ranch Trail
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteveKowalewskiLisa38
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana31
Wimpys Major AffairMeadowsSteveRed River Western Wear27
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteveNicelyShay25
A Busy JokerMeadowsSteveHerbertCatherine20
Just Smile and WaveTalleyScottTribleSue19
Aniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen19
Playin In The CreekMeadowsBeckyMcDuffVicki14
KR Tequila RoseJenningsMichaelJenningsMichael13
VRH Ranch Reining
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteveKowalewskiLisa14
Just Smile and WaveTalleyScottTribleSue13
Chex Are CashinGouthroMattLanningDana2
Am 2 Yr Old Stallions'
KH Gee WizNashLauraHughesKyle3
Am Aged Mares
Hubba Hubba DancinMorrowJenniferMorrowJennifer18
Golden DreamzVossJeanVossJean15
Illusion of KrymsunMightMichelleMightEric10
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey13
Am Performance Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitBrandiPettitBrandi14
Am Yearling Mares
Smart Flashy DiamondVossJeanVossJean4
Am Yearling Geldings
Smooth Move McFlyMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn22
Am Aged Geldings
Gee I JoNashLauraHughesKyle29
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth20
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence19
Havana RoyalVeselyCarolineVeselyCaroline5
Amateur Performance Halter Geldings
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence22
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn19
Amateur Showmanship
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn23
Select Am Showmanship
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth84
Levis Cool SpiritBrownLindaBrownLinda8
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneGedneyChristina2
Select Am Trail
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneGedneyChristina10
Am Horsemanship
Select Am Horsemanship
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinneGedneyChristina10
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth2
Am Ranch Riding
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana132
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa96
Shiners SurpriseRogersJulieRogersJulie94
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family50
A Busy JokerHerbertCatherineHerbertCatherine43
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay42
Wimpys Major AffairThompsonSandraRed River Western Wear32
Playin In The CreekMcDuffVickiMcDuffVicki12
That Cats SmartPolandArthurPolandArthur8
Heeza Easy SoulEnglishColeenEnglishColeen7
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen4
Cash For ParrNewsomeRandolphNewsomeRandolph4
Am Hunter U/S
Hubba Hubba DancinMorrowJenniferMorrowJennifer36
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie27
Al Have This DanceTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family3
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn2
Select Am Hunter U/S
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth43
Hot N Lazy DivaHarocoposTeresaHaracoposTeresa15
The Immortal MinutePolandHelenPolandHelen11
Am HS Equitation
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKiraChristopherConnie51
Select Am HS Equitation
The Immortal MinutePolandHelenPolandHelen26
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth9
Amateur Working Hunter
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn14
Amateur Hunter Hack
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn23
Amateur Eq Over Fences
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn12
Am VRH Ranch Conformation
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa55
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana37
Shiners SurpriseRogerJulieRogersJulie35
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family29
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay7
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen4
Playin In The CreekMcDuffVickiMcDuffVicki4
Am VRH Ranch Riding
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa69
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana54
Shiners SurpriseRogersJulieRogersJulie52
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family46
Playin In The CreekMcDuffVickiMcDuffVicki18
Cash For ParrNewsomeRandolphNewsomeRandolph6
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay5
Am VRH Ranch Trail
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana49
Whizkey N SmokeKowalewskiLisaKowalewskiLisa39
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeenEnglishColeen30
Shiners SurpriseRogersJulieRogersJulie29
KR Just A SparkNicelyShayNicelyShay20
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family16
Cash For ParrNewsomeRandolphNewsomeRandolph6
A Busy JokerHerbertCatherineHerbertCatherine3
Am VRH Ranch Reining
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBaileyTroutman Family9
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana1
Nov Am Aged Mares
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey27
Illusion of KrymsunMightMichelleMightEric12
Hubba Hubba DancinMorrowJenniferMorrowJennifer5
Golden DreamzVossJeanVossJean3
Nov Am Performance Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitBrandonPettitBrandi8
Nov Am Yearling Mares
Smart Flashy DiamondVossJeanVossJean4
Nov Am Yearling Geldings
Smooth Move McFlyMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn12
Nov Am Performance Geldings
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn17
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence8
Nov Am Aged Geldings0
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence19
Havana RoyalVeselyCarolineVeselyCaroline4
Rookie Amateur Geldings
Havana RoyalVeselyCarolineVeselyCaroline4
Nov Am Showmanship
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey34
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth22
Levis Cool SpiritBrownLindaBrownLinda6
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise5
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela3
Rookie Am Mares
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey10
Golden DreamzVossJean TaylorVossJean Taylor3
Rookie Am Showmanship
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey32
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela11
Havana RoyalVeselyCarolineVeselyCaroline6
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise0
Nov Am Reining
Chex Are CashinLanningDanaLanningDana10
Nov Am Trail
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela24
Nov Am Walk Trot Trail
Golden DreamzVossJeanVossJean66
Nov Am Horsemanship
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela28
NA Walk Trot Horsemanship
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey93
Golden DreamzVossJeanVossJean80
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabethSmithElizabeth53
Nov Am Western Pleasure
Illusion of KrymsunMightMichelleMightEric9
Whisper To Me CowboyArnoldFlorenceArnoldFlorence4
Nov Am Walk Trot Pleasure
Chips Golden ZipperHadenLaceyHadenLacey70
Golden DreamzVossJeanVossJean72
Walkin In MoonlightSimonLaurenSimonLauren8
Nov Am Ranch Riding
Cash For ParrNewsomeRandolphNewsomeRandolph79
A Busy JokerHerbertCatherineHerbertCatherine69
Playing In The CreekMcDuffVickiMcDuffVicki59
Shiners SurpriseRogersMorganRogersJulie33
Zippos Mr GoodSpeeksCrystalSpeeksGerald31
That Cats SmartPolandArthurPolandArthur24
Rookie Am Hunter U/S
Lets Gator DoneDiMarcoElaineDiMarcoElaine19
Dynamic Dandy IndianHadenLaceyHadenLacey7
Levis Cool SpiritBrownLindaBrownLinda3
Nov Am Hunter U/S
Trophy TimeSpeeksCrystalSpeeksCrystal31
Dynamic Dandy IndianHadenLaceyHadenLacey20
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise18
Lets Gator DoneDiMarcoElaineDiMarcoElaine13
Nov Am HS Equitation
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDeniseDuncanDenise20
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamelaDysonPamela9
Trophy TimeSpeeksCrystalSpeeksCrystal5
Nov Am Working Hunter
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn14
Nov Am Hunter Hack
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn20
Nov Am Eq Over Fences
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittCarolynMerrittCarolyn4
Youth Performance Halter Mares
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi16
Youth Yearling Geldings
Smooth Move McFlyMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn22
Youth Performance Halter Gelding
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn33
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara18
13 & Under Aged Geldings
Gee I JoSpechtBlayneHughesKyle19
14 to 18 Aged Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian54
14 to 18 Showmanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian67
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara37
14 to 18 Trail
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian23
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara20
14 to 18 Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian47
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara15
14 to 18 Western Pleasure
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian46
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara26
14 to 18 Hunter U/S
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian51
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie4
13 & Under Hunter U/S
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi3
14 to 18 Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian50
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie16
Youth Barrel Racing
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian10
Youth Pole Bending
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian6
Nov Youth Performance Mares
BMQI BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi16
Nov Youth Yearling Geldings
Smooth Move McFlyMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn12
Nov Youth Aged Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian15
Nov Youth Performance Geldings
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn19
Im It ItTo Win ITKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara11
Rookie Youth Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian8
Rookie Youth Showmanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian35
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra7
Nov Youth Showmanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian100
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara54
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra36
Rookie Youth Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian12
Nov Youth Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian59
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara28
Nov Youth Walk Trot Horsemaship
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle11
Nov Youth Ranch Riding
Bewitchen BlazeGouthroColeGouthroCole12
Nov Youth Walk Trot Pleasure
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle8
Rookie Youth Western Pleasure
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian12
Nov Youth Western Pleasure
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian60
Nov Youth Pole Bending
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian6
Nov Youth Barrel Racing
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian10
Rookie Youth HUS
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian18
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra12
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie16
Nov Youth Walk Trot HUS
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaGrimesLexus13
Nov Youth Hunter U/S
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra63
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian58
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie23
BMQ I BelievePettitMasonPettitBrandi2
Rookie Youth Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian19
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra20
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie21
Nov Youth Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian76
Escaping The BluesLucksSierraLucksSierra37
Ima Tad Too MuchHannifenAbigailChristopherConnie26
Rookie Youth Trail
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian6
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara8
Nov Youth Trail (5380)
VS Red SoloDavisGillianDavisGillian36
Im In It To Win ItKohnTraeKohnArthur & Mara21
Small Fry Mares
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn8
Small Fry Showmanship
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn35
Small Fry Walk Trot Horsemanship
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle18
Small Fry Walk Trot Western Pleasure
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle17
Small Fry Walk Trot English Pleasure
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn59
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle20
Small Fry Walk Trot HS Equitation
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn39
For A Good ReasonSpechtAvaHughesKyle14
Small Fry Eq Over Fences
Smooth Movin ShadowMerrittMadisonMerrittCarolyn6