2017 Virginia Quarter Horse Association Point Standings

The cutoff date for any adjustment in point standings for show through June 30th of the current year will be September 1st. For shows occurring July 1st through October 31st, the cutoff date will be November 30th. After these dates the Point Secretary’s figures will be considered official and there will be no additional changes. If there are issues with the points, both the Points Secretary and the Membership Director need to be contacted via email.

Membership Director

Cory Balsis

Points Secretary

Pamela Dyson


VQHA and VQHA Sanctioned shows to date for 2017:

  • Pre-Turkey Show
  • VQHA Spring Breakout Show / Dave Higgins Memorial Show
  • NCQHA Martinganza Show
  • District IV Little River Circuit
  • BBHA Summer Spectacular
  • NCQHA Endless Summer Show
  • VQHA End of Summer Showdown
  • Pre-Turkey Show


Updated December 29, 2017

Final VQHA All Around and High Point Halter Results for 2017 – (PDF Summary)

Final VQHA Points Standings for 2017 – (Full Spreadsheet)


VQHA Points as of: 12/28/2017     
ClassHorseExhibitor Last
Exhibitor First
3 YO Mares
Hi Im LucyArnoldFlorence5
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa3
Hi Im LucyStockwellLauren1
Aged Mares
May Day SirprizePurksJudith134
Gee AnnieHughesKyle36
Ill Be Willy GoodKaiserPaige15
Performance Mares
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa45
Shiners SurpriseDebernardKaylynn20
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve19
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan13
Foreva N FashionLarsenJennifer10
Whizkey N SmokeKowaleskiLisa7
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra6
Open Performance Geldings
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy35
KR Rufin ItDebernardMadison27
2 YO Geldings
Front Page Kid TooHughesKyle16
Aged Geldings
One Helluva FellaPurksJudith92
Gee I JoHughesKyle48
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy19
VS Red SoloDavisGillian13
All Age Reining
Hot and CharmingGillWesley123
Docs Boggity FlashGillWesley115
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael115
KR Rufin ItMeadowsSteve70
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve66
Electric GateScottJames56
Stop This RoosterPropstGeorge40
VRH Ranch Reining
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve18
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve15
Stop This RoosterPropstGeorge14
VRH Ranch Conformation
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve17
Stop This RoosterPropstGeorge4
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael3
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay2
All Age Western Riding
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve26
Green Western Riding
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve12
All Age Trail
Foreva N FashionChristopherConnie15
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne5
Living proof by chipDysonPamela4
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy2
Green Trail
Foreva N FashionChristopherConnie24
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley17
The Midnight LoperGrovesAndrew8
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra4
Junior Western Pleasure
Ill Be Willy GoodVanhookDrew13
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa7
Green West Pleasure
Ill Be Willy GoodVanhookDrew29
Good Bar Daisy MaeRogersCharles7
VS Red SoloDavisGillian1
Senior Western Pleasure
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson21
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan3
Ranch Riding
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael123
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve105
Shiners SurpriseDeBernardKaylynn102
KR Rufin ItMeadowsSteve95
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteve52
Docs Boggity FlashGillWesley34
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen21
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley21
Hot and CharmingGillWesley12
Candy Cody KissesMillsSamantha5
Green Ranch Riding
Wizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteve150
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadison80
Candy Cody KissesMillsSamantha31
Stop This RoosterPropstGeorge2
VRH Ranch Riding
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael34
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve24
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve21
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen16
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteve4
VRH Ranch Trail
Dunnit TopsailingJenningsMichael26
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen23
Shiners SurpriseMeadowsSteve21
KR Just A SparkMeadowsSteve17
Whizkey N SmokeMeadowsSteve4
Stop This RoosterPropstGeorge4
Junior Hunter U/S
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa95
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy32
Ill Be Willy GoodKaiserPaige16
Senior Hunter U/S
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa26
Al Have This DanceTroutmanBailey17
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda12
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira12
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra8
Green Hunter U/S
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa168
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy48
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira30
Ill Be Willy GoodKaiserPaige20
Am 3 YO Mares
Hi Im LucyArnoldFlorence11
Hi Im LucyStockwellLauren1
Am Aged Mares
May Day SirprizePurksJudith156
Gee AnnieHughesMarylin30
Am Performance Mares
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa38
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay11
Whizkey N SmokeKowaleskiLisa7
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley4
Foreva N FashionLarsenJennifer3
Am Perf Halter Geldings
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy39
Am 2 YO Geldings
Front Page Kid TwoHughesKyle20
Am 3 YO Geldings
Dynamic Classic JacLittlejohnAmber4
Its All About ToniteCookRacheal4
Am Aged Geldings
One Hell Of A FellaPurksJudith148
Gee I JoHughesKyle50
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy25
My Dots HotMassieCarlie16
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence15
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily3
Amateur Showmanship
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy73
My Dots HotMassieCarlie38
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley7
Too Tuf To Be FancyThompsonTabitha6
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela2
Select Am Showmanship
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa19
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne18
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda18
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa17
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence10
Am Reining
Electric GateScottJames32
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay16
Am Western Riding
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne6
Am Trail
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley21
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela16
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy10
Select Am Trail
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne26
Aunt MelodyYancoskieTeresa20
Am Horsemanship
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy48
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley19
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela5
My Dots HotMassieCarlie2
Select Am Horsemanship
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne23
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa12
Foreva N FashionLarsenJennifer4
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence2
Am Western Pleasure
Good Bar Daisy MaeStoherTina13
My Dots HotMassieCarlie12
Select Western Pleasure
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa12
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence9
Lopin AroanBalsisCorinne5
Am Ranch Riding
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay175
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen114
Wizkey N SmokeKowaleskiLisa70
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley22
Am VRH Ranch Riding
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen27
Its Your Final NoticeStoherMichael4
Am VRH Ranch Trail
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen26
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay5
Whizkey N SmokeKowaleskiLisa4
Am VRH Ranch Conformation
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen9
Whizkey N SmokeKowaleskiLisa6
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay4
Am Hunter U/S
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy71
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira49
Too Tuf To Be FancyThompsonTabitha4
Select Am Hunter U/S
Sure Im A DreamerVignerotLisa199
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen48
Rock These IronsSmithElizabeth34
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa14
Hoos My DaddySmithTeresa4
Am Select Hunter Hack
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen4
Am HS Equitation
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy43
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira40
Prize PatrolVignerotLisa16
Select Am HS Equitation
Sure Im a DreamerVignerotLisa56
Awesome Dark SkyPolandHelen46
Hoos My DaddySmithTeresa7
Nov Am Aged Mares
Golden DreamsVossJean4
Nov Am 3 yr old Geldings
Its All About ToniteCookRacheal8
Nov Am Performance Geldings
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela6
Nov Am Aged Geldings
My Dots HotMassieCarlie19
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence16
Nov Am Showmanship
My Dots HotMassieCarlie44
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela43
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise32
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda20
Its All About ToniteCookRacheal14
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence10
Dynamic Classic JacLittleJohnAmber8
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanPamela7
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily2
Rookie Am Showmanship
My Dots HotMassieCarlie17
Justa DaydreamerDuncanDenise12
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily5
Nov Am Reining
In Wimpys StepsTribleSue10
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay8
Nov Am Trail
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela30
Aunt MelodyYancoskieTeresa27
Gimmie Samoa CookiesNobleAshley18
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy5
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence3
Nov Am Walk Trot Trail
Golden DreamsVossJean35
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily12
Rookie Am Horsemanship
My Dots HotMassieCarlie16
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabeth15
Nov Am Horsemanship
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela41
My Dots HotMassieCarlie35
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence8
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily3
NA Walk Trot Horsemanship
Golden DreamsVossJean45
Dynamic Classic JacLittlejohnAmber17
Your Rockin The BoatStockwellLauren15
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily12
Rookie Am Pleasure
My Dots HotMassieCarlie17
Nov Am Western Pleasure
My Dots HotMassieCarlie47
Good Bar Daisy MaeStoherTina42
A Raging InvestmentArnoldFlorence17
Forevan FashionLarsenJennifer2
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily1
Nov Am Walk Trot Pleasure
Golden DreamsVossJean46
Ill Be Willy GoodHerrMelissa46
Your Rockin The BoatStockwellLauren17
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanPamela16
Upcoming AttractionMurphyEmily14
Dynamic Classic JacLittlejohnAmber11
Hi Im LucyStockwellLauren6
Nov Am Ranch Riding
KR Just A SparkNicelyShay201
Dun Resolved It AllLanningDana28
Anniversary ScootinEnglishColeen15
Its Your Final NoticeStoher, IIMike14
In Wimpys StepsTribleSue2
Nov Am Hunter U/S
Rock These IronsSmithElizabeth84
Justa Day DreamerDuncanDenise34
Al Be AutomaticDrewKristy25
Bronzed InvitationSmithElizabeth16
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda4
Nov Am Walk Trot Hunter U/S
Dynamic Classic JacLittlejohnAmber8
I'm On OneButlerCynthia2
Nov Am HS Equitation
Repeated DreamsLubeshkoffKira71
Living Proof By ChipDysonPamela54
Too Sleepy To SnoopBrownLinda50
Justa Day DreamerDuncanDenise25
Too Tuf To Be FancyThompsonTabitha9
Nov Am Walk Trot HS Equitation
Dynamic Classic JacLittlejohnAmber14
14 to 18 Aged Mares
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra18
14 to 18 Performance Mares
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan49
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra8
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin6
Performance Halter Gelding
KR Rufin ItDebernardMadison13
13 & Under Aged Geldings
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae8
14 to 18 Aged Geldings
VS Red SoloDavisGillian55
KR Rufin ItDebernardMadison28
13 & Under Showmnship
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae26
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae12
14 to 18 Showmanship
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra53
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey30
VS Red SoloDavisGillian26
14 to 18 Trail
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra48
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson5
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin2
13 & Under Trail
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae56
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae1
14 to 18 Reining
Shiners SurpriseDeBernardKaylynn18
KR Rufin itDeBernardMadison8
14 to 18 Western Riding
Shiners SurpriseDeBernardKaylynn12
13 & Under Horsemanship
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae27
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae3
14 to 18 Horsemanship
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra39
VS Red SoloDavisGillian13
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson13
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie8
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin4
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan2
13 & Under Western Pleasure
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae24
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae14
14 to 18 Western Pleasure
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan56
VS Red SoloDavisGillian24
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson23
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin7
Youth Ranch Conformation
Shiners SurpriseMichelleMadison1
14 to 18 Ranch Riding
Shiners SurpriseDeBernardKaylynn118
KR Rufin itDeBernardMadison75
Shinning Hot SparkleTroutmanBailey43
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra41
Candy Kody KissesMillsSamantha21
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey3
14 to 18 Hunter U/S
Al Have This DanceTroutmanBailey134
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra82
VS Red SoloDavisGillian12
Im A Tad Too MuchHanifenAbigail10
14 to 18 Equitation
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra58
Candy Kody KissesMillsSamantha54
VS Red SoloDavisGillian5
Nov Youth Aged Mares
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan16
Nov Youth Performance Mares
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra8
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan4
Nov Youth Aged Geldings
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson34
Nov Youth Performance Geldings
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie14
Rookie Youth Showmanship
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae18
VS Red SoloDavisGillian14
Nov Youth Showmanship
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra84
VS Red SoloDavisGillian53
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae46
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae30
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson21
Rookie Youth Horsemanship
VS Red SoloDavisGillian18
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae7
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan3
Nov Youth Horsemanship
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra70
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae49
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin46
VS Red SoloDavisGillian46
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan40
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie29
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson25
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson25
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae5
Nov Youth Ranch Riding
KR Rufin ItDeBernardMadison81
Candy Cody KissesMillsSamantha45
Shining Hot SparkleTroutmanBailey37
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra31
Shiners SurpriseMichelleMadison20
Be Boppin BarneyTroutmanBailey5
Nov Youth Walk Trot Pleasure
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline10
Rookie Youth Western Pleasure
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae12
VS Red SoloDavisGillian8
Nov Youth Western Pleasure
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan86
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson57
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae35
VS Red SoloDavisGillian27
Im In It To Win ItKohnTrae22
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra7
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie6
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin4
Rookie Youth HUS
Im A Tad Too MuchHanifenAbigail11
VS Red SoloDavisGillian8
Nov Youth Walk Trot HUS
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline7
Nov Youth Hunter U/S (5440)
VS Red SoloDavisGillian53
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie36
Im A Tad Too MuchHanifenAbigail25
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson22
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra19
Aunt MelodyCritesAva5
Rookie Youth Equitation
VS Red SoloDavisGillian7
Im A Tad Too MuchHanifenAbigail4
Nov Youth Equitation
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra107
VS Red SoloDavisGillian41
Ashleys Bo DocMassieCarlie27
Im A Tad Too MuchHanifenAbigail24
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson19
Aunt MelodyCritesAva19
Rookie Youth Trail
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan2
Nov Youth Trail (5380)
Willy Invite LynnGreenwellAlexandra47
A Raging InvestmentKohnTrae37
Choc Out My LopeColeMorgan20
The Midnight LoperWalkerAllyson14
So Hot In AmarilloRallsAustin10
Invest N Good AssetsWalkerAllyson7
Aunt MelodyCritesAva1
Small Fry Walk Trot
Zippos Two Eyed BebRallsCaroline4