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Virginia Quarter Horse Amateur Association

The Virginia Amateur Quarter Horse Association (VAQHA) is a division of VQHA. Adults who are age 19 or older as of January 1st are eligible to join the Amateur Association unless they train, show or judge horse shows professionally. VAQHA has its own bylaws, officers and budget. We strive to be better horsemen, always keeping sportsmanship at the top of our list.

VAQHA has several goals:

  • Provide year end awards for the qualifying 3rd and 4th place Amateurs, Select Amateurs, Amateur Rookies, and Novice Amateurs from approved shows.
  • Sponsor First Year AQHA Amateur Performance Award

To accomplish these goals, VAQHA holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year.

The major sources of this revenue are:

  • Exhibitor Back Number: If an exhibitor wants a particular back number for the year, he or she can reserve it through the Amateur Association. The fee is $25 and includes 2 laminated numbers.
  • Fundraising: The Amateur Association strives to hold at least one fun event/fundraiser per VQHA approved show. The amateurs very much appreciate the support of all VQHA members at the shows and the time and effort of our volunteers. If you would be interested in helping at one of our events or have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact an amateur board member.

Amateur Sportsmanship Award

Each year VAQHA presents an Amateur Sportsmanship Award to the Amateur who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship throughout the year. The recipient receives a trophy to keep as a memento, a traveling trophy, which contains the names of all recipients since the inception of this award in 1984, and the honor of selecting the recipient for the following year.

  • 2016: Kristy Drew
  • 2015:  John Grano
  • 2014: Ben Baldwin
  • 2013: Jennifer Larsen
  • 2012: Kelly Markley
  • 2011: Rhonda Brown Nicely
  • 2010: Cecilia Hylton
  • 2009: Karen Baldwin
  • 2008: Ida Klepper
  • 2007: Charles Beverage
  • 2006: Kathleen Bettinger
  • 2005: Diana Wolfrey
  • 2004: Stephanie Jennings
  • 2003: Jean Lamb
  • 2002: Betsy Goodwyn
  • 2001: Cory Balsis
  • 2000: Amy Mitchem
  • 1999: Steven Hurst
  • 1998: Carole Davidson
  • 1997: Debbie Wenger
  • 1996: Frankie Adamson
  • 1995: June Rhea
  • 1994: Renee Dutton
  • 1993: Gerald Speeks

Novice and Rookie Amateur Division

Novice Amateur and Rookie Amateur classes are offered at most all VQHA approved horse shows. You are eligible to participate in the Novice Amateur classes if you hold a valid AQHA Novice Amateur card. For Rookie level classes, the horse and rider must each have earned fewer than 10 AQHA points in that particular class. Rookie and Novice classes have not only been very popular with those just starting out in the show arena but for those who have shown in other disciplines (dressage, AHSA, etc).

First Year AQHA Amateur Performance Award

The VAQHA is proud to announce its presentation of the First Year AQHA Performance Award that will be presented to the top First Year VQHA point earning Amateur. Listed below are the requirements that must be met in order to be eligible.

  • Be a member in good standing with AQHA, VQHA, and VAQHA
  • Never have earned any AQHA points in ANY Amateur, Open or Youth performance classes prior to 2016. NOTE: Only performance points will cause you to lose your eligibility status for this award.
  • Send your application for this award to the Amateur President.
  • Obtain at least 12 VQHA points in each of 2 different amateur performance class types (for example points in Novice Amateur Showmanship and Amateur Rookie Showmanship are considered one class type—showmanship—for this award).
  • The First Year AQHA Amateur Performance Award wins a beautiful custom-designed silver belt buckle, which is handcrafted by Harris Leather and Silverworks of North Carolina.
  • Halter Points do not count toward this award.