A Tribute to Skeeter

E H “Skeeter” Hembry passed away on November 4, 2021.  Skeeter was a Life member of VQHA as well as a long friend of our association.  Skeeter had celebrated 52 years of service with Skeeters Tack Shop and it was said that if it was leather he could fix it.  Many people came to Skeeters Tack Shop supposedly to get a little piece of leather or to get something repaired, but really they also wanted to just say hi.

 Skeeter not only repaired saddles and anything leather but he crafted western saddles  and other western products that have definitely stood the test of time.  Skeeter was also an AQHA judge,  a quarter horse trainer, a stallion owner, and above all a good man.  VQHA didn’t have to ask, Skeeter would donate time and goods for any event the association had.

  On the day before he passed, he gave his stallion, Zan, to a friend who guaranteed that Zan would have a good life for always.  That was Skeeter’s, way, always taking care of things.  The road he lived on is privately maintained but it was Skeeter who did the maintaining, even adding gravel to the road just a few months ago.

Such a great man; such a good man.  We will surely miss him.

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